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Another year, another birthday, and this year I’m really wondering if it’s worth the effort, not forgetting time and expense of another HOME party?

Maybe it’s time to let a professional handle my “special occasion”, by the time I’ve planned, arranged and prepared for the party, I’m too exhausted to enjoy it.

Selecting a venue, – KIDZVILLE was the one I chose – I could stop worrying whether I’d have enough utensils and cake plates, etc., or would I have to hire or buy more?  The venue has enough facilities catering for larger numbers of guests and, that means, no queues outside my loo. 

On arrival, the friendly staff of KIDZVILLE will already have the venue decorated and the tables set at no extra cost.  All I have to do is add the accessories for our chosen theme and bring enough snacks for excited, hungry children.

Ample space at the venue offers the kids freedom to run, move about freely, and most of all be noisy and excited without complaints from the neighbourhood.  The various venues to select at KIDZVILLE are safe and secure, giving the host real peace of mind. Not only is there sufficient space at the venue for the  kids and adults,  there is also safe and secure parking for cars. No parking on pavements and along the street.

Counting the pennies in these tough, financial times, I realised that hiring the venue would also save me on arranging entertainers, hiring a jumping castle and kiddies tables and chairs, table cloths and chair covers, balloons etc.  And then the question, are the service providers going to pitch on time?   Kidzville has so many activities included in the venue hire making it real value for money.

Generally, guests don’t tend to overstay their welcome (or time limit) at a venue, whereas they can definitely take liberties at a home held party.

No mini invasion of my home, no strangers ambling about or little Johnny deciding our wardrobe is the best ever hiding place, no ice-cream dribbling down my puppy’s friendly mouth which he discovered, melting, behind our couch.

The Kidzville venue is definitely the way to go and the cherry on the cake?  NO cleaning up afterwards for me!