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Planning Your Party

Organising a successful party begins with careful planning.  By having a plan, timeline and checklist in place, you along with your guests will be able to enjoy the party knowing that everything has been taken care of and nothing’s been forgotten.

Here are some handy guidelines I usually follow: [be sure to tick them off once you’ve completed the task or draw up a spread sheet to help you keep track.]

One month before party:

Set a budget. This guides the number of guests, amount of food, decorations, etc.

  • Decide on the date, time and venue for party. Now this is where I admit I cheat a little and book at Kidzville. They have enough space for the amount of guests I invite and given the time of year I book parties, at least I know there’s shelter in case of rain or miserable weather.
  • Select a theme. Don’t forget to involve the birthday child if they are old enough regarding this decision – it’s their day after all.
  • Return Kidzville booking sheet with proof of confirmation deposit.
  • Send out invitations. A printable invite is provided by Kidzville and digital ones coming soon!

3 Weeks before :

  • Plan the menu.
  • Write up a shopping list.
  • Order any food that needs to be done by a caterer or bakery. Always have a little extra of everything in case a sibling unexpectedly also attends. Check the second page of the Kidzville booking sheet for catering contacts.
  • Ensure you have enough plates, cups etc. as well as tables and chairs and table cloths. All tables, table cloths, chairs, cake plates & forks; teaspoons, cups, glasses, urn, tea/coffee and juice are included when booking your party at Kidzville. So much less to have to organise!
  • Order or buy decorations. The friendly, helpful staff of Kidzville will have your area prepared and decorated with balloons, drapes, table cloths and garlands. All you have to add is the catering and any additional themed items. Personalised printable themed items can be ordered from Kidzville.

2 Weeks before :

  • Buy non-perishable items.
  • Decide where food will be served from. Kidzville venue will have a designated area ready for you.
  • Make up goody bags if you are going to give these out. Party buckets can be ordered from Kidzville. Personalised labels for the buckets also available.
  • Plan games and activities. Various, fun, age appropriate activities are already included when booking your party at Kidzville – some of them with facilitators so you can relax and engage with your guests knowing the children are having a ball.

1 Week before :

  • Follow up with guests who haven’t yet sent an RSVP.
  • Prepare food that can be frozen.
  • Create a party playlist. Already done for you at Kidzville.

2 Days before :

  • If you are baking the cake, now is the time to do so.
  • Buy the fresh groceries.
  • Make plans for parking. Kidzville provides ample, secure parking.
  • Advise Kidzville of your number of guest to set up for.

Day before party:

  • Confirm any orders.
  • Prepare food.
  • Set table. If your party has been booked at Kidzville, no need to worry as this will already be done for you prior to your arrival.
  • Not necessary if you have booked a party at Kidzville, bring your themed items along on the day.
  • Ice the cake if you haven’t already done so.
  • If the birthday child is young, chat to them about what they can do and expect from the party.
  • Make sure your camera and video recorder and phone are fully charged.

Party Day – yay:

  • Finish any food preparation.
  • Set out the food and drinks.
  • Don’t forget a camera for capturing those magical moments.
  • Have a table or place for the gifts.
  • Clean up after the party – Luckily Kidzville has staff to assist with this and best of all I can go home to my neat, orderly house.